Are CrazyBulk Supplements Real and Do They Work?

The supplement industry is constantly getting hammered by people that hate supplements, many feel they don’t work, others have purchased products that “personally” did not live up to their expectations which are why many supplements have received a bad rap, in some cases rightfully so but not all products are created equal.

If you train hard and are looking for something that will help increase your gains the best way to go is with a legal steroid which is what CrazyBulk produces, and has for several years. CrazyBulk makes a legal steroid that can, in fact, help you increase strength, muscle mass, and improve muscle definition.

The real question many ask is do CrazyBulk supplements work? After all, some of the claims seem too good to be true, if the customer testimonials are not enough to convince you to try their product,  what I can tell you in this article is what my experience has been.

Ian Burned Fat With Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids

The concept of a legal steroid is not a new one, for several years companies have been selling legal steroids which is a fancy name for extremely concentrated supplements, some of us are used to buying a tub of this and a tub of that, then taking each one to try and achieve a certain result, legal supplements have simplified the whole process by letting you take a few pills three times a day, those pills contain everything you need to either pack on muscle or get lean and shredded.

Do CrazyBulk products really work?

Legal steroids are slightly different than anabolic steroids, and yes you can pack on a few pounds of muscle by taking anabolic steroids but those gains are short-lived, once you quit taking them those gains vanish, if you continue to exercise those gains remain and will be even better, legal steroids work much in the same way, if you train intensely you will reap the benefits, don’t train and you will see no physical changes whatsoever.

I first tried the CrazyBulk bulking stack in April,  I ordered two bulking stacks because my 21-year-old son wanted to try the product as well,  plus you have the advantage of buying two stacks and getting the third item for free.

CrazyBulk Supplements

CrazyBulk week 1

The first week there was no noticeable difference, our routine stayed pretty much the same, I am now 49 years old and generally work one body part per day, trying to keep up with my 21 year old son on most days can be a challenge but energy seemed about the same during my first week.

CrazyBulk week 2

My second week there were some noticeable differences, mostly energy and strength, I normally train back on Monday, shoulders Tuesday, and Legs on Wednesday, usually Thursday I am feeling pretty weak so I usually train chest, normally my routine is barbell bench press and I will go up to 305 and then hit the dumbbells usually being able to handle the 80’s and 100’s with ease, in this case after my second week the 120’s went up fairly easy, enough to knock out 7 reps on my 5th set,  on Friday which is when I normally rest we went back to the gym and worked out arms and once again the fatigue was much less.

CrazyBulk Week 3

This is when we noticed the product to really begin to kick in, energy levels were great and training legs and back was the easiest and both my son and I were able to really pack on the weight and crank out some serious reps, in fact on leg day we did our whole routine including squats, stiff-legged deadlights, lunges, leg extensions etc and then returned to the squat rack to crank out 100 reps 25 at a time with 210 lbs with ease.

CrazyBulk week 4

This was probably the best week, strength was about the same as week 3, but the energy levels were much better, in fact, week 4 we decided to implement the Arnold superset routine which we had tried in the past only to crap out halfway through the workout, week 4 was intense.

Week 4 superset routine

  • Monday – Back and chest
  • Tuesday – Shoulders and arms
  • Wednesday – Legs “thighs and calves”
  • Thursday Shoulders and Arms
  • Friday Back, chest and calves

So yes the week 4 routine was intense but with very little fatigue, strength was really good throughout the week, the other noticeable thing was very good recovery times, which you need for constant muscle growth.

Man performing dumbbell rows

CrazyBulk recommends starting a two-month cycle and then suspend the cycle for a month or two which makes perfect sense, the body can easily adapt to the point where taking any supplement for too long won't work.

Who should consider taking Crazy Bulk

Anyone who takes strength training seriously will benefit form Crazy Bulk legal steroids, the gains are incredible and they work very fast. You should notice results within the first few days. What I noticed almost immediately was incredible muscle pumps, incredible energy, and strength. Men young and old will enjoy the benefits of Crazy Bulk it is a product that actually makes training fun again especially when you begin to see new gains week by week.


I was pleased with my results and my son was even more pleased, while my measurements were not as significant as his, I did see some muscle growth and more detail in my physique, my son increased his arm size by a full inch over his one month cycle going from 19 inches to slightly over 20 inches which in my opinion is incredible.

I personally think that the biggest benefit you get from CrazyBulk products is incredible energy and strength that translates into more muscle growth and it does have ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris which have been proven to help increase testosterone and we all know that more testosterone is what fuels muscle growth.

While some people may claim that Crazy Bulk products are a scam that statement could not be further from the truth, that is unless you are not willing to put forth any effort, meaning training hard with compound exercises and getting enough protein in your diet.

Where to buy CazyBulk legal steroids?

CrazyBulk legal stores, I recommend purchasing the product from the officla website, this will ensure you receive a genuine product. The company offers a buy 2 get 1 free which worked out perfect for my son and I making the price very affordable.

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