Gynectrol – Effective Treatment for Man Boobs

Gynectrol is an all natural supplement to help men eliminate man boobs also known as Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia “enlarged breasts in men” is one of those things that affects 1 in 4 men especially as they age, Gynecomastia is more prevalent in older men but is not unusual in young men during puberty. In this article, we weill discuss the benefits of Gynectrol and how it can help men get rid of man boobs.

There are a number of reasons that men suffer from gynecomastia which can include:

  • Alcohol abuse
  • Hormone imbalance resulting in excess estrogen production in young men
  • Steroid use
  • Being overweight
  • Taking anti depressant meds such as Diazepam (Valium)
  • Hormonal changes do to aging “especially in older men”
  • Low testosterone levels

Man boobs before and after pics

There are some medical sites that claim that the use of plant oils such as tea tree or lavender that are found in shampoos or soaps have been associated with gynecomastia, this could be possible due to their estrogenic effect.

Gynectrol Man boobs during puberty are mainly caused by hormonal changes and usually does not last long, but it can be embarrassing to most young men during this period, older men as they age may experience low testosterone levels and also tend to gain weight which can contribute to gynecomastia.

If you are overweight that is most likely one of the causes for enlarged breasts, if you begin to lose weight this can alleviate part of the problem, however, using a supplement like Gynectrol can help eliminate fat and reduce the symptoms of man boobs.

Gynectrol what it is and how it works

Gynectrol can help treat man boobs effectively, like many supplements Gynectrol was specifically developed to help men alleviate and treat the symptoms of Gyno, the way this supplement works is by targeting the fatty cells in the male mammary glands  otherwise know as man boobs “moobs” Gynectrol will help reduce fatty tissue volume in the pectoral area.

You are probably saying to yourself there is no such thing as fat spot reduction, well yes and no.

Gynectrol has several key ingredients to help burn off excess fat including the following:

Guggulsterones – has been found to be very effective at stimulating thyroid which is beneficial for speeding up your metabolism and will have a direct catabolic effect on adipose fatty tissue helping you burn more fat efficiently

Theobromine Cacao –Arginine is a big amino acid source to help increase and build more muscle, it can also help improve heart and cardiovascular health.

Green Tea Extract – Is probably one of the most important ingredients in Gynectrol because of its high source of antioxidants, alkaloids and flavonoids not to mention it is very effective at helping reduce body fat.

Caffeine – Is more than a stimulant caffeine is important for speeding up your metabolism and increases the effect of lipolysis helping “eliminate fat from fat cells” caffeine is also an important fat burner.

Sclareolides – Stimulates testosterone and also increases fat burning, lack of testosterone Is often the reason men begin to suffer from gynecomastia.

Benefits of Gynectrol

Gynectrol is the perfect supplement to help men eliminate the fat around their pectoral muscles, what good is a huge back and rock solid arms when you have extra fat on your chest. Gynectrol can help remove excess fat around the chest helping uncover lean muscle.


If you are already working out but yo are having issues removing excess fat around the chest, Gynectrol is the perfect supplement to eliminate Gynecomastia, all it takes is two capsules a day and you will notice results withing the first two weeks of taking the supplement, Gynectrol is very inexpensive and is a safe alternative to a surgical procedure.

Where to buy

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  • June 18, 2018 at 10:10 pm

    Decent product I had man boobs because I used to drink so much beer every day, I stopped drinking and used this supplement for two months and it worked pretty good.


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