Why Doing Squats is Important

Sitting idle all the time will not do any good to your body. In this modern era, people do jobs that keep them constrained to a seat for hours. However, the human body is not destined to sit like that for hours. To compensate for this, people do exercises and even take a membership in a gym. In in this article, I will discuss why doing squats is important.

We all have heard personal trainers and doctors saying that squatting is very good for health and it helps in weight reduction or precisely belly fat reduction. But there are a couple questions that you may have in your mind about this best exercise.

Why Doing Squats is Important

What is squatting?

If you know how to do them, squats are an easy exercise. First, you should stand up straight with your two legs apart (shoulder width) and two hands stretched out straight. The palms should be facing down. Next, you have to bend your knees keeping your upper body straight.

Lower your body until your legs are parallel to the floor and are in that position for 2 seconds before you get back to the standing position. This is the basic squatting position and is the purest form of this exercise. This exercise makes an impact on almost all the muscles in your body, not just your lower body.

The advantages of doing squats

Now that you have a basic concept of how squatting is done, let's take a look at some of the benefits. As we have seen before, this exercise strengthens all the muscles in the lower body. This strengthens and tones the hips, hamstrings, and thighs. Another advantage of doing this is that it is a functional exercise.

Do not get confused with the word “functional exercise”. It means you will be able to carry out the daily chores with less effort than before because squatting frees the stubborn muscles that were formed due to our work style. So, doing squats not only increases the muscle mass but also shapes your body.

By far squats are one of the best compound exercises you can do, for men it is one of the best ways to gain core strength and muscle mass. In fact, squats are one of the best exercises for hard gainers. For women, it will increase lean and tones muscle while giving them firmer glutes, firmer thighs and help reduce cellulite.

Even though this exercise aims mainly the legs, all the muscles in the body will get worked up in an intense workout releasing the growth hormone testosterone. Not only that the fat burning process increases when the muscle mass increases.

As this is a functional movement your legs become stronger and capable of lifting the weight without causing any injuries. You would have seen people who get injured while lifting the weight. This is due to the weak muscles and doing squats can give them flexibility with balance. Now, if you are an athlete you can improve your performance in the sports.

This is because of the strong muscles formed due to the squatting and most of the athletic training programs contain this exercise in them. One of the unnoticed benefits is the removal of toxins and waste from the body. Lastly, you will get a good looking body with toned abs and muscles.


Squatting is one of the best exercises yu can do for health, not only does it improve bone density and tones muscle it also helps increase balance and coordination. If its one strength gaining exercise you should do it would be the squat.


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